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Faculty of Business Welcome Note

With Heart, Mind and Hands, We Serve Professionally

Welcome to the Faculty of Business Administration. The Faculty of Business Administration constantly adapts to changes in the times and is fostering business leaders who will be engaged globally in the new era. Learning business administration leads to acquiring the most useful practical skills in the fields.

Until high school, students are focused on "studying", tasks that are given by the teachers mainly completing tasks for themselves, but at the university level, the students are the protagonists, thinking and asking questions, making "Academics" the center for themselves.

Business administration is a system of scientific knowledge of concerned planning and managing of organizational activities. The field extends to business management theory, accounting science, commerce, business engineering, management informatics, and analyzes management, taking a variety of approaches such as economics, sociology, psychology, and mathematics. It is a discipline that makes use of all academic disciplines and is useful for better organizational management. To that end, we have adopted a wide range of activities and learning methods that learn independently with small sized numbers in each lesson.

Dean of Faculty of Business,