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Faculty of Theology's

The faculty of Theology and Religion of the East African Christian College located in Masaka, Kigali /Rwanda is happy to offer the following programs:

  • The Bachelor of Arts with honors in Theology,
  • The Postgraduate Diploma in Theology.

The Objectives of the programs are:

  • To empower students with biblical knowledge, practical skills, evangelical, spiritual, ethical, and other Christian values that enable them to respond adequately to the spiritual, social, and physical needs of their home churches and society.
  • To develop theological tools able to nurture dialogue with contextual issues, boosting research on theological issues within the society and articulate alternatives to handling them.
  • To provide a sound and Christ -centered theological training that takes into consideration the national, regional, and international contexts in its present and future perspectives
  • To strengthen the spirit of ecumenism and unity among churches and other religions but in emphasizing learning under the cross of Jesus Christ.