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Principles & Core Values

Principles and Core Values

With Heart, Mind and Hands, We Serve Professionally


We confess the Lordship of Christ, the authority of the Bible in matters of philosophy, morality and behavior. Therefore, our Education should be guided by those principles


We manage all resources of the College guided by biblical principles of upholding responsibility, honesty and transparency, truthfulness, faithfulness and exercising humility.

Professionalism and Excellence in Service Delivery

We find out the optimal and cost effective way to reach objectives, in changing environment and limitation of resources and keeps on being result and solution oriented.

Responsibility and Transparency

Teachers, students and administrative staff, to achieve their job, are expected to take decision, take upon their choices, delegate and report openly.

Justice and equity

We ensure that the fairness, equity without discrimination, clear delegation and decentralization are adopted at all levels of the university


We are convinced that all people bear the image of God, therefore we commit to promote a gender balanced culture and stressing on the needs of disabled people, and disadvantaged groups.

Innovation and creativity

We make sure that teaching and learning processes are considering changing needs of churches and society and therefore programs are continually assessed and improved accordingly in a spirit of creativity and entrepreneurship at all levels.