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Construction of Sport facilities Project

Kabuga, Kigali

Based on the principle of Mens sana in corpore sano "a healthy mind in a healthy body", EACC strives to promote the welfare of its students and staff considering that physical exercise is an important or essential part of mental and psychological well-being. In that regard, different facilities including football/soccer, Basketball, Volley ball, Tennis grounds and swimming pool will be constructed. Beside the purpose of complying with the standards and to deliver quality education, those facilities will generate some incomes for the financial sustainability of the College.

The Stadium under construction is the first facility to provide.With the capacity of 4500 seats, the stadium will serve as the ground for Soccer/football, Rugby games and venue for EACC big public events including graduation ceremony.The stadium will be a relevant tool for the community Services and way for EACC Marketing. Churches,Public and private institutions will use it for big gatherings Evangelism campaign ( Ibiterane,…)


Construction of Students Hostel

Kabuga, Kigali

The School has the capacity to accommodate 106 students in the old hostel constructed in 2019. With the new hostel EACC will increase up the capacity and quality of students Hostel , At least 250 female and male students will accommodated in separate dormitories