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Key Documents and Policies

1. EACC Instrument of Identit

2. EACC Organizational Chart

3. EACC Internal regulations

4.EACC Board of Directors Standing Orders

5.General Academic regulations

6. Admission and Registration procedures

7.Quality Assurance Policy

8. External and Internal Moderation Policy

9. Examination Policy

10. Anti-plagiarism Policy

11. Workload Policy

12. Industrial Attachment Policy

13. EACC Human Resource Management Policy

14. Finance and Procurement Policy

15. Risk Management Policy and Procedures

16. EACC Strategic Plan 2019-2024

17. Funding Strategy

18. Gender Policy

19. Consultancy Policy

20. Languages Policy

21. Library Regulations

22. ICT Policy

23. Inclusive teaching and learning policy

24. Student Handbook